How it Works

Numbering Generator works by generating a sequence of numbers that can be placed into a document. This can work in one of two ways; the first way is to set up your document with text boxes for the numbers.

The text boxes you create should be large enough for only a single line of text each, and all linked/threaded/etc. together. This way they will display a single number and the next number will overflow into the next box.

In the case where you have numbers that need to be repeated on the same sheet (e.g. for tickets with stubs), the boxes for the repeated numbers must be adjacent to each other in the chain of links. For example, if on a sheet there are two tickets (numbered 001 and 051) and their stubs, the generated sequence will be 001, 001, 051, 051.

The other way the software can work is with the 'Print Merge' or 'Mail Merge' feature of your desktop publishing software. When using this option, you load the generated CSV file into your document and insert the fields whereever you want them. Then when you print the document the numbers are automaticially filled in.


Number Prefix
This is leading text before the numbers, such as “No. ” or “#”.
Note that if you want a space between the text and the number, you must enter the space in this box.
Number Suffix
Trailing text after the numbers.
Starting Number
The first number
Ending Number
The last number
Leading Zeroes
Include leading zeroes in the numbers. Use if you want numbers like 00042 instead of just 42.
Number of Digits
The number of digits you want each number to have.
Reverse Order
Count down instead of up. Useful if your sheets come out face up, as this will prevent you from having to re-collate.
Repeat Numbers
Use this option if each number needs to appear multiple times on the same page (e.g. on a ticket and on the ticket stub). Set this field to the number of times the number appears on the page.
Sets of Numbers per Sheet
Set this field to the number of sets of numbers on each sheet of paper. (e.g. for printing 8 tickets with stubs per sheet, set this to 8, even though there will be 16 text boxes for numbers--8 tickets and 8 stubs)
Repeat Sheets in Sets of
Set this field to the number of copies of each sheet. This can be used for things like NCR paper where you'll need the same sheet printed twice.
Generate to Text File
Create a text file with the sequence of numbers that can be read into your desktop publishing software, and can be saved for future use.
Generate Data Merge
Create a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file that can be used in conjunction with the 'Print Merge' or 'Mail Merge' feature of your desktop publishing software.
Generate to Clipboard
Put the sequence of numbers on the clipboard so you can paste it into your desktop publishing software. This method is only recommended for short runs.


Raffle Tickets

If we're printing 4,000 raffle tickets with stubs, numbered from “No. 0001” to “No. 4000”, 4-up, we would need to use the following settings:

NCR Form

To print 200 three-part numbered forms, 2-up, starting at number 0201, you'd use the following settings: